Our Story

I launched Treasured Possession because I wanted to express all the great things God has to say in scripture in a fun, and meaningful way. When in my own life I found myself facing adversity, an ultimate challenge, it was then I realized I needed to fully surrender EVERY part of my life to God. Not just the parts I didn’t want to control. A life centered on God was the only viable option at that point. In an instant, my life drastically changed. I turned to God’s word for EVERYTHING and, although my problems didn’t magically go away, I found that God can lift me up and carry me through in the most difficult circumstances of life. The peace and confidence that came from that surrender was and continues to be simply divine.


With Treasured Possession, I start every design by extracting a favorite verse and coupling it with a moving image to bring His grand design to mind. The verses that address women specifically are featured strongly in my work. Here in the South, we believe that women are truly steel magnolias. As the cornerstone of the family, women keep so many burdens to themselves from working and raising children to always maintaining positive relationships. We instinctively try to keep our lives in order as well as the lives of those around us. God’s word is prevailing, inspiring and empowering to all, but He has a very specific message for mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. He knew how we would want to involve ourselves with our families and communities so He offers special words to us in scripture. These words state that each one of us is God’s Treasured Possession. I hope the apparel I’ve designed will help you keep this truth in mind and live with a renewed awareness of your precious worth.